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According to clients¡¯ need ,L&A Mach-Tech will provide complete engineering services cover essentially everything from creating the specification for the piping to 3D-layout design, parts lists, stress analysis and documentation.

Process Design

The pipe sizing is either based on the customers specification or done in accordance with L&A Mach-Techs internal standards. The diameter is typically determined based on the velocity of the fluid; if necessary the correct size is confirmed by calculating the system pressure drop.

Mechanical Design

The pipe material selection is based on the customers specification or L&A Mach-Techs expertise. The pipe class, which specifies the required wall thickness based on the required working/design pressure, is selected in accordance with the customers design requirements as well as the applicable standards, codes, rules and regulations.If necessary, according to clients¡¯ design demand and relevant standard to choose the pipe

Layout Design

In order to prepare the pipe routing (piping layout drawings) and the material take-off (parts lists), L&A Mach-Tech needs.

Isometric drawings

If detailed drawings are not available, L&A Mach-Tech will make on-site measurements. By creating a 3D model, it is possible to ensure correct pipe routing and also to evaluate the ease of installation. The flexible 3D model can easily be modified to meet design changes and to find the optimum piping layout.

Prefabrication Design

As a result of the engineering, piping layout drawings and part lists specifying all components and materials are developed. Based on the layout design and parts/material lists workshop/piece/spool drawings are prepared for the prefabrication to be done in the workshop (or alternately on-site utilizing  L&A Mach-Tech¡¯s containerized workshop).

Installation Design and Manuals

Assembly/installation drawings are furnished for the on-site work along with installation manuals, which ensure the correct installation. Drawings for the manufacturing of piping supports and other services can also be provided.